1. "Invalid owner in token"

The problem occurs when you are authorized with "grant_type": "client_credentials" and you are trying to perform actions in the OLX user context, for example: adding the ad or checking out account balance. In this situation you have to authorize yourself with "grant_type": "autorization_code".

2. Content-Type: application/json

If you use a GET request, do not use the "Content-Type": "application/json" header - it is dedicated to PUT, POST request. Otherwise, you will stumble upon 400 Bad Request Error.

3. "Missing required header"

This error means that there is no version header in your request. It is necessary in some requests. For example: if you are using API v2, there should be "Version": "2.0" header in your request.

4. Why refresh_token has expired?

Refresh token is valid for one month (2592000 seconds) and expires after this time - there is no possibility to generate eternal refresh token. Also it can be changed when new access token is generated. You may need to update access token and refresh token in your database. Please keep them safe.

5. How to set up callback URL?

6. Can I use API to read other people ads?

It is not possible - you can manage only your own ads added on your authorized OLX account.

7. "The grant type is unauthorized for this client_id"

Problem is related to "grant_type" you are using in a request if your API account is not allowed to use specific grant type. Firstly check out if grant type is valid. If everything looks good but you constantly stumble upon this error - contact us.

8. How can I manage my ads in a different countries?

You can manage your ads via API in countries listed below:

OLX PL https://www.olx.pl/
OLX BG https://www.olx.bg/
OLX RO https://www.olx.ro/
OLX PT https://www.olx.pt/
OLX UA https://www.olx.ua/
OLX KZ https://www.olx.kz/

Note that client_id and client_secret allow you to manage your ads only for one country. If you would like to manage your ads in another country, you have to authorize OLX account created in a given country where you want to manage the ads. Then you will get new credentials.

9. How can I test API? Do you provide any test environment?

Unfortunately, we do not provide test environment in API. You can use another OLX account or create a new one and authorize it in order to test API requests.

10. In which categories can I post the ads?

Some categories may be excluded from adding the ads depending on the country (for example: Real estate or free categories in Poland). If you are not sure if you will be able to post the ads in a given category, please contact us.

11. Is there a maximum number of calls that the OLX API accepts over a period of time?

The OLX API system allows a maximum of 4500 requests that can be sent by a user's IP within 5 minutes. This limit is set for security reasons to ensure the stability of the platform. In the event that this limit is exceeded, the following error will be automatically generated:

Rate limits

Thus, If the IP used to send API calls is a local one, the maximum number of API requests sent can be 4500 requests/5 minutes. Any exceedance of this limit is automatically blocked, but the blockage lasts 30 minutes. We recommend keeping the number of calls below these values to ensure that there are no limitations that could affect your adverts posting process.

If the situation persists, please provide us with the IP from which you are sending API calls, to verify and ensure that it is not present in a central blacklist, as well as a Request ID that was declined with the 403 error.